HealthLock Team Member – Spotlight Feature: Morgan 

From Newport Beach to Nashville 
Morgan, originally from the sunny shores of Newport Beach, CA, now calls Nashville, TN, her home. Her journey from the West Coast to the heart of Tennessee reflects her adventurous spirit and adaptability, traits that serve her well in her role at HealthLock. 

Driving Sales Growth
As an Enterprise Sales Executive, Morgan is responsible for driving sales growth by building and maintaining client relationships and developing effective sales strategies. “I’m passionate about forging strong connections with clients and crafting strategies that align with their needs and our mission,” Morgan explains. 

A New but Impactful Member 
Morgan joined HealthLock on April 29, 2024, and despite being with the company for less than three months, she has already made significant contributions. Her enthusiasm and dedication have not gone unnoticed by her team members and company leaders. “As a new HealthLock team member, I’m thrilled to be part of a team that is making such a positive impact,” she says. 

Customer Moments that Matter 
Although Morgan is new to the role, she finds great joy in hearing the savings stories announced by HealthLock’s Personal Healthcare Champions almost every day. “These stories highlight the real difference we’re making in people’s lives,” she notes. 

Belief in the Product 
Morgan is driven by a strong belief in HealthLock’s product. “I believe our product is truly helping people not only take back their privacy, control, and savings with their healthcare but also shining a spotlight on the fact that these problems are real,” she emphasizes. This conviction fuels her passion and dedication to her work. 

Motivated by Success 
Success is a powerful motivator for Morgan. “To me, success is being able to accomplish things that you once thought you were not capable of doing. I am motivated by being able to constantly better myself personally and professionally,” she shares. Her commitment to personal and professional growth is evident in her proactive approach to her role. 

Concerns About Medical Billing 
Morgan is both surprised and concerned by the lack of awareness around medical billing issues. “My biggest surprise is that people rarely question their medical bills. They simply pay them to get them off their plate. My biggest concern is how little people know and understand that healthcare data breaches and fraud medical billing is as big of an issue as it is,” she explains. Her insights highlight the importance of HealthLock’s mission to educate and protect its members. 

Life Outside Work 
In her free time, Morgan enjoys traveling, Pilates, and cooking. She also cherishes her family, including her younger brother, with whom she shares a close bond. 

HealthLock’s Appreciation for Morgan 
HealthLock deeply values Morgan as a team member. Her dedication to driving sales growth, building client relationships, and her commitment to the company’s mission have already made a positive impact. Morgan’s proactive approach, belief in the product, and motivation to succeed embody the core values of HealthLock. Her contributions and genuine care for HealthLock members make her a valued and indispensable part of the team.