HealthLock Team Member – Spotlight Feature: Spencer

Meet Spencer, a dedicated professional hailing from Lebanon, Tennessee. Spencer has been a vital part of HealthLock for almost four years, serving as the Engineering Lead and Lead Frontend Engineer. His primary role involves crafting intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that make it easier for HealthLock members to protect themselves from over-medical billing and fraud. “I strive to design systems that are not only easy to use but also empower our users to navigate the complexities of medical billing,” Spencer explains. 

He’s Not Just a Team Member…He’s Also a HealthLock Member 
One of Spencer’s most memorable moments at HealthLock happened when he was a customer himself. “HealthLock saved me a massive headache when all our medical bills were denied when my daughter was born. We were left trying to fight $50,000 worth of charges. It was a moment of immense relief and gratitude, and it reinforced my commitment to the work we do here,” he recalls. 

A Dedicated Contributor Dedicated to Improving the Healthcare System 
Spencer is a firm believer in the power of standardization within the healthcare system. He advocates for a more streamlined and transparent approach, much like the banking industry has achieved. “Standardize, standardize, standardize. Without standardization, we will continue to have a veil over our eyes regarding how everything works,” he emphasizes. This perspective drives his passion for creating better solutions and experiences for HealthLock members. 

The innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology at HealthLock are among the many reasons Spencer enjoys working there. “The innovative strategies we employ as a development team allow us to use the latest and greatest in technology to provide our users with the best experience possible,” he says. His daily motivation comes from a love of learning and the constant stream of new challenges and problems to solve. “Every day provides new challenges and problems to solve, which keeps me motivated and engaged.” 

When discussing the intricacies of fraud and over-medical billing, Spencer highlights the confusion caused by the myriad ways information is presented and accessed. “Everyone has their own way of explaining things, and that’s one way that confuses people into paying exorbitant medical bills. Then there’s the access to your information—one portal for this doctor, another for another one, and then a separate portal for insurance. None of them actually match up for what you need to pay,” he points out. 

On a personal note… 
Outside of work, Spencer enjoys the tranquil hobby of fish keeping and the thrill of drag racing, reflecting his diverse interests and dynamic personality. 

HealthLock values Spencer as a cherished team member. His dedication to creating user-centric designs, his innovative approach, and his deep care for HealthLock members have significantly contributed to the company’s success. Spencer’s personal experience with HealthLock’s services fuels his passion and commitment, ensuring that every member receives the support and protection they deserve. His relentless pursuit of excellence and learning embodies the core values of HealthLock, making him an invaluable asset to the team.