HealthLock Team Member – Spotlight Feature: Shannon

Shannon – A Healthcare Advocate Making a Difference 
Shannon, originally from Louisville, Kentucky, has found her home and heart in Tennessee for the past 31 years. Currently, she holds the position of Team Lead-Senior Healthcare Advocate for HealthLock, a role that perfectly aligns with her passion for helping others. With 4 ½ years of dedicated service to the company, Shannon has become an invaluable asset, both to her team and the HealthLock members she tirelessly advocates for. 

Champion for Patients 
At the core of Shannon’s job is a simple yet profound mission: to audit and advocate for HealthLock members. Coupled with HealthLock’s deep audit technology, her work involves meticulously reviewing patient records, identifying errors or discrepancies, and ensuring that HealthLock Members receive the care and coverage they deserve. This attention to detail and commitment to justice in healthcare is what defines her role and sets her apart. 

A Moment of Impact 
One of Shannon’s most cherished moments at work came not from a single event but from the collective impact of her efforts. She recounts instances where her audits uncovered significant billing errors, resulting in substantial financial relief for HealthLock Members. These moments, whether directly or indirectly influenced by her work, serve as a constant reminder of why she chose this path. 

A Vision for Change 
If Shannon had a magic wand, she would wave it to make healthcare affordable for everyone. “There shouldn’t be anyone that can’t afford healthcare,” she asserts. This vision speaks to her deep-seated belief in equality and her desire to see a healthcare system that serves all, regardless of financial status. 

The Heart of the Workplace 
What makes Shannon’s workplace special is the culture. “We are a close group/team and the culture is AMAZING,” she shares. This supportive environment not only fosters collaboration but also fuels her motivation. Knowing that her efforts make a difference, whether noticed or unnoticed, keeps her driven and passionate about her work. 

Addressing Healthcare Challenges 
Shannon’s biggest concern in the realm of healthcare is the lack of awareness among patients about overbilling or fraudulent charges. “Most people don’t even realize they are being overly charged or fraudulently charged due to the lack of knowledge on how to read an invoice/Explanation of Benefits,” she explains. The frequency of these occurrences is her biggest surprise, highlighting the critical need for advocates like her. 

Life Beyond Work 
Outside of her professional life, Shannon is learning to garden and enjoys DIY projects. These hobbies provide a creative outlet and a way to unwind from the demands of her job. Family is also a cornerstone of Shannon’s life. She and her husband are proud parents of three children (ages 31, 26, and 24) and grandparents to four grandchildren. A particularly proud moment for their family is the upcoming retirement of their middle child from the Army in July. 

We are SO proud to have Shannon at HealthLock 
Shannon’s story is one of dedication, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the healthcare system. Her journey from Louisville to Tennessee, her professional achievements, and her rich family life paint a picture of a woman who is not only a remarkable healthcare advocate but also a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. Shannon’s work with HealthLock is focused on making a difference in the world.