Launch Announcement: NavProtect powered by HealthLock

Our country has some of the best healthcare in the world. Unfortunately, the system it’s balanced on is delicate and easy to exploit—every year, medical fraud, overbilling, and data breaches increase, racking up losses to the tune of $325 billion.

That’s nothing to sniff at, but it’s just a small portion of overall healthcare spending, which is estimated to hit $6.2 trillion by 2028. The burden of those rising costs—along with protecting and defending themselves from fraud—will likely fall on employees and the employers that provide their health insurance. 

NavProtect powered by HealthLock

That’s why we’re excited to partner with NavMD, an all-in-one population health management platform. Together we’re launching NavProtect powered by HealthLock—a powerful tool that audits employee insurance bills for fraud and overbilling, saving employees 20% on average annually. 

NavProtect also provides employers and insurance admins actionable insights into their insurance usage, which can drive down plan costs and provide decision-makers with a clear roadmap predicting future costs, risks, and opportunities.

NavMD brings more than 15 years of data management and healthcare analytics expertise to the table. That experience pairs well with HealthLock’s excellent record of protecting our members against medical privacy and fraud. 

We’re proud to bring this much-needed protection to the workforce. To learn more about the partnership and how it can protect employers and employees, head over to our press release.