Have You Been Hacked? 4 Ways to Know if Fraudsters are Using Your Medical Identity

Medical identity theft has been on the rise for years. The rapid digitization of medical files, and the changes the healthcare industry has undergone to keep up with technological advances, means your medical data is more accessible to everyone—including thieves.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find out if your medical data has been stolen. Up to 70% of victims don’t know when the theft occurred; they only discover it through unexpected medical bills or worse, compromised levels of care. 

We believe that protecting your medical data properly is the best way to keep it from falling into the hands of bad actors. However, there are a few indicators of theft that you can look out for.

Signs your medical data has been stolen

You may learn you’re a victim of medical identity theft when you receive expensive bills or are denied healthcare.

Your insurance provider indicates billing for services you didn’t receive

Make sure you’re only being charged for visits and services you received by examining every bill you receive from your insurance company and healthcare provider. If, for example, someone is using your medical identity to purchase medication at a local pharmacy or is posing as you to obtain medical care for a condition, it’s your insurance that will be charged.

Your insurance provider says you’ve reached your benefits limit

Some insurance plans only provide a certain amount of coverage for certain treatments and conditions. If you receive a notice indicating that you’ve maxed out your benefits but don’t remember doing this, it’s possible someone else is using your medical identity.

Your healthcare provider announces a breach

A data breach can range from a hospital employee making copies of your medical files to hackers and other groups actively breaking through firewalls and obtaining thousands of records at a time. If your doctor, hospital, or insurance company informs you that there has been a data breach, it’s an indication that someone else has access to your medical records.

What can I do if my medical identity is stolen?

Reclaiming your medical identity can take time and money. If you notice discrepancies on your medical bills, or spot other signs that your data has been stolen, you’ll also need to get in touch with your insurance company and all of your healthcare providers to explain what’s happened and correct your documentation. 

But that’s not an easy fix. The truth is, it can take years to restore your data and reclaim money you may have spent on fraudulent insurance bills. 

You’ve probably heard the term “Prevention is the best medicine.” That’s where we come in.

How HealthLock can help

HealthLock can help you protect your medical privacy against breaches, over-billing, and other types of healthcare fraud.

We realized that victims of medical identity theft and fraud often had little recourse, so we decided to do something about it. We can help you safeguard your medical data by auditing every bill and explanation of benefits you receive. Right from the start, we’ll show you which bills you should pay and which are questionable. 

If we do see signs that your medical identity has been stolen, we’ll alert you right away and take steps to help protect you from any potential damage. 

Your medical privacy is precious. Give yourself peace of mind by letting HealthLock step in to help protect it.